Behshahr Industrial Company – Bulk conveying system.

Behshahr Industrial Company is the biggest and oldest company in Iran that produces all kinds of vegetable oil. Established in 1951, in 2004 the company jointed to Savola Co. and Margarine Co.
From 2005, the daily production has increased to 1000 tons and the company can absorb more than 30% of market share in Iran.
In order to improve its production plant, Behshahr Industrial Company has purchased from Fava a new bulk conveying system for empty bottles.
A conveyor collects the bottles from the blowing machines and conveys them to the following elevator. The elevator feeds an elevated conveyor, which transports the bottles to two different silos. From the silos, the bottles are taken to the hopper of the unscrambler at the beginning of the filling line.
The whole system, which also includes a distributing device and fans for the bottles distribution inside the silos and a vibrating extractor at the exit of the silos, is automatically driven by the electric panelboard.
We want to thank the staff of Behshahr Industrial Company for their cooperation and trust.