Canan Kozmetik – L’Oréal Turkey

For Canan Kozmetik, leading company on the Turkish market in the haircare sector and branch of L’Oréal Cosmetics since 2007, two big bags loading systems and an unloading one have been supplied by Fava.
The loading systems consist of a modular elevator with hopper that receives the bottles from the blow moulder, and a loading station where big bags are filled two by two in alternate mode, with automatic switch from one to the other.
The unloading system, on the other hand, includes a modular elevator provided with a vibrating station for the positioning of two big bags, one hopper, a pipe for crossing one building floor and a belt conveyor with final chute for the feeding of the filling line.
The conveying system of empty bottles in big bags is used as a standard in other L’Oréal facilities as well, such as Settimo Torinese (Italy) and Rambouillet (France), where Fava is already present.
Thanks to this prestigious reference, the company Fava Artemio e C. strengthen their cooperation with L’Oréal multinational corporation and reaffirm their presence on the strategic Turkish market.
We would like to thank Canan Kozmetik’s team for the support and helpfulness displayed in this project.