Cooperativa Agricola Latte Varese
PET Line: 0,5l – 1l

Since 1933, the Cooperativa Agricola Latte Varese collects milk from over 30 member farmers in the Province of Varese. After being pasteurized and packaged in Centrale del Latte di Varese, the only remaining active throughout the province, the milk is distributed to over 1,300 stores throughout the region. Therefore Centrale del Latte di Varese offers its customers the guarantee of a milk of inimitable freshness, because it is produced near the place of consumption.
In order to increase its packaging plant for the production of new formats in PET 0,5 l and 1l, Centrale del Latte di Varese has commissioned to Fava an unscrambling system for feeding the new filling line .

The system consists of an unscrambler model 1260 that feeds the line at a speed of 2.500bph, an elevator with a larger hopper and equipped with a special device for the extraction of the bottles coming from the palletized trays, and a table top conveyor connecting to the filler.

The choice of our machine by a customer so careful of the quality of its products confirms the particular suitability of our system for all those areas where hygiene is a key requirement.