Cosmint S.p.A. Olgiate Comasco (CO) – Roll-on line

For the cosmetic branch of Cosmint production, in 2012 FAVA has realized an even more specific supply dedicated to a roll-on deodorants line.
This third supply is composed of an unscrambler 1600 E suitable for the handling of bottles with or without pucks, with loading hopper and table top conveyor for the filler feeding.
The peculiarity of the system, in addition to the particular shape of the bottles handled, is given by the screw for insertion of empty pucks divided into two parts, with independent motorizations synchronized in electric axis with each other and with the motorization of the main carrousel of the unscrambler.
The second part of the screw, which accompanies the pucks to receive the bottles under the unscrambling funnels, remains always in phase with the unscrambler carrousel; the first part of the screw, which receives the pucks coming back from the packaging line, can follow the second one or stop and restart with it in phase, avoiding the puck transfer if one of the unscrambling funnels is empty (no bottle-no puck).
In this way, it is ensured the presence of the bottle in all the pucks sent to the filling at the unscrambler outfeed and is not necessary to provide a conveyor system for the direct recirculation of pucks leaving voids from the unscrambler in traditional applications, this advantage may sometimes be determinant as in the present case, where the available spaces were particularly small.
We thank the company Cosmint S.p.A. and all their staff for the trust once again granted and their proactive collaboration.