Cosmint S.p.A. Olgiate Comasco (CO) – Stick Line

In continuation of the existing cooperation during the previous year, in the spring of 2013 the company Fava has made the start-up of a special system for unscrambling and orientation into pucks of shaped bottles for stick deodorants.
The supply is composed of an unscrambler 1600 E suitable to work with pucks and also equipped with the puck dosing system with “i-screw” intelligent screw and an orientator OL PN EL with camera reading system for the detection of different bottle sizes, each one in different colors.
Even in this case, the whole supply is completed by feeding hopper and table top conveyors for the connection to the filler and recovery of empty pucks from the packaging line; everything is realized ad hoc for the narrow spaces left by the configuration of the existing line.
This realization is a further level of development in applications that are increasingly well-structured and dedicated to this field.