DE NIGRIS – Caivano (NA)

For the historical brand Acetificio Marcello De Nigris, Fava Artemio e C. manufactured two conveying and unscrambling systems destined for their Caivano plant. The system is designed to receive bottles from a blowing machine by means of an elevator with hopper, move them to a higher position with a belt conveyor that can feed either the two lines, both simultaneously or alternatively, or a loading station for big-bags through reversible functioning. Both unscramblers handle 150mL, 250mL, 400mL and 500mL cylindrical containers with an output of 6,600bph for model 1600 E and 5,000bph for model 1260 C.The whole system is provided with “Industry 4.0” package. Thank you to De Nigris’s management for choosing Fava for this large-scale project.