Euthalia Cosmetics – Cisterna di Latina (LT)

For the cosmetic company Euthalia’s new plant, Fava Artemio e C. have supplied three unscrambling systems to feed as many packaging lines. The unscramblers, all compact model 1260 C, work cylindrical and shaped PET bottles for laundry, home care and personal care products with capacity comprised between 250ml and 1000ml, for an output of 2200÷3300bph. The peculiarity of this multiple supply is the interchangeability of the changeover equipments between the machines, thanks to which it will always be possible to handle all formats on all lines. Through this supply, the Fava company contributed with pride to the growth of Euthalia, modern factory characterized by a high production capacity and great flexibility, to whose owners and collaborators goes our thank you.