Bingo ‘Soft’, ‘Fresh’ e ‘Ultra Bleach’ lines

Hayat Kimya is a leading player in the FMCG industry, and one of the biggest global companies established by Turkish investors.
In order to increase its production capacity, the company Hayat has installed three new lines for its products Bingo “Soft”, “Fresh” and “Ultra Bleach” entrusting to Fava the manufacturing of the unscrambling and orientating systems at the head of the lines.
Bingo, a home-care product by Hayat Kimya, was introduced in 1987. It has since then enjoyed an ever-growing popularity in the market. The brand, which initially consisted of a single detergent, has expanded its range in 1993-1994 to include softeners, cream cleansers, surface detergents and glass detergents.
In 2012, the Consumer Satisfaction Index Survey crowned its success by naming it “Turkey’s Most Popular Detergent.”
Each of the three unscrambling and orientating systems is composed of a rotary unscrambler model 2050 E, a linear orientator model OL PN EL and the vacuum table top conveyors for the connection to the filler.
The machines handle different bottle sizes from 750ml to 4l with output up to 6.600bph.
The three lines add to the machines already delivered to Hayat in 2012.