I.M.P. SpA: Line 4 – unscrambling and orienting system

An unscrambling and orienting system has been manufactured by Fava for the filling and packing dept. of I.M.P. SpA.
I.M.P. SpA, founded in 1952 as a producer of plastic bottles, have been active for over 30 years also in the making of cosmetic and detergent products.
The system is composed of an unscrambler model 2300 E, a linear orientator OL EL equipped with a camera reading station and the vacuum table top conveyor for the connection to the existing filling machine. In order to reduce the system dimensions, to reduce the costs and to optimize the accumulation of the bottles on the conveyor, the two machines are assembled in monoblock.
The machines handle different bottle sizes (from 1000ml to 2000ml) at a speed up to 7.500bph.