Italchimica – Padova
PET blowing line

In constant growth and improvement, Italchimica is developing its production plant in Padua according to the most advanced technical solutions: in fact a new line for the blowing of PET bottles has just been installed. It can produce directly for the filling line or it can send the bottles to a flexible storage system, made by palletizable containers.
For this application, Fava has design and manufactured a system with bulk conveyors for the bottle distribution to the lines and the loading of the palletizable containers.
At the exit of the blow molding machine, an elevator transfers the bottles to an elevated conveyor, that overrides the existing machines leaving free space on the ground. In its path, it passes above all the hoppers which feed the lines. Through the control panel, the operator can send the bottles to the selected lines or to the loading station for the palletizable containers.
The system works automatically, by means of level sensors installed on sensitive points, and manages: the feeding priority of the lines, switching automatically to the loading station in case of line stop; the loading of the palletizable containers including the changing container phase (both on the loading station and on the hoppers of the lines – the hoppers indeed can be used also to load the palletizable containers); the interface with the blow molding machine (with alarm and stop signal for the preform infeed when the system is full).
Fava thanks again Italchimica for the trust granted to the development of this integrated automatic system in the context of a modern and automatically-advanced factory.