ITS – S.I.S.A. Detergenti srl
Caravaggio (BG)

In the detergent industry, Fava realized in 2012 a system destined to the Caravaggio (BG) plant of the company “ITS-SISA Detergents Ltd. “( Italsilva Group), a manufacturer of cleaning and detergent products on behalf of leading companies in the field of cosmetics, both local and international.
In Caravaggio plant, dedicated to the production of liquid detergents for laundry, home and personal care, are currently in operation an unscrambling and orienting system composed of an unscrambler model R2300 E and a linear orientator OL PN EL, to treat 1,8 l 2,5 l-2l-HDPE bottles for liquid detergent at a speed of 6.000bph.
For Fava this is the first supply to Italsilva Group which, in 2012, purchased from Fava also a second system for detergent line, in another factory.