Jiangsu Longliqi Group – China: Cosmetic line

Jiangsu Longliqi Group Co.,Ltd., established in 1986, is a large-scale and famous chemical enterprise in China. It owns over 260 branches in China and employs more than 30.000 staffs. Now its production covers five different areas: cosmetics, household cleansing product, health food, furniture, leather.
Its new cosmetic line handles unstable HDPE bottles (400ml and 200ml) at a speed of 10.800 bph.
For this purpose, Fava has designed and manufactured a special unscrambler model 2800 E connected ‘in sync’ to the filling machine with an electrical axis and the transfer of the bottles is made through a worm screw.
This solution, made possible by the high efficiency of the unscrambler, in addition to completely solving any problem of bottles instability, reduces to the least the system dimension.