L’Oréal Egypt

For the L’Oréal’s Cairo plant, which production is destined for the whole Middle East and North Africa region, Fava Artemio e C. manufactured two unscrambling systems with pucks for labelling, to handle containers for hair shampoo and conditioner of the lines Elvive and Ultimate Blends (Ultra Doux) at 6,600bph. The unscramblers, both model 1600 E, are provided with a neutral basic equipment able to host the inserts relative to the seven formats to be handled; all the changeover equipments can be interchangeably used on both machines. The upright bottles are accompanied to the outfeed area where they are extracted by a transfer starwheel that sends them to an insertion group. This group is composed of sets of pincers which grab the bottles and place them inside the pucks. The empty pucks are dispatched from a wormscrew that synchronizes their position with the pincers in the insertion group. A puck is only sent forward when a bottle is present in the insertion group; in this way there will not be any empty pucks passing through at machine outfeed. Each system is supplied with a slat band conveyor that receives the empty pucks from the line and another one that moves the full pucks towards the rest of the packing line. We would like to thank L’Oréal’s team for their cooperation in this important project.