L’OREAL SAIPO INDUSTRIALE Settimo Torinese (TO) – New 250ml Fructis line

For the prestigious French cosmetic group L’Oréal, Fava has designed and manufactured an unscrambling system for a new 250ml Fructis line.
The system has been installed at the production plant in Settimo Torinese, which ranks at first place among the 45 L’Oréal’s factories around the world for produced units.
It adds to the two Fava’s unscramblers already installed in Settimo Torinese.
This unscrambler, model 2300 E, handles 250ml bottles at a speed which exceeds 13.000bph and it is followed by a vacuum table top conveyor for the connection to the filler.
The high quality standards of this machine are ideal to satisfy the strict requirements of L’Oréal concerning the handling of the bottles, cleanliness, the safety of the staff and the noise level.
We want to thank the entire L’Orèal staff for their cooperation and support.