Integrated automated system for big bags discharge – L’Oreal SAIPO industriale Settimo.Tse

As part of a growing cooperation relationship with L’Oreal Group, the company Fava has taken part to the development and realization of an innovative fully automated system for the handling of empty bottles.

The bottles that are not directly sent to the line by means of the conveying and storage system already installed are stored in bulk into containers named big bags; the big bags are handled by automatic LGV shuttles, drawing them from the full big bags store with their following delivery to the filling station after being emptied in line. The in-line emptying for the unscrambler feeding is performed by special hoppers of our realization, each one equipped with N. 2 vibrating stations for big bags, which automatically open the big bag, manage the feeding stage upon consent from the filling line and close the big bag at the end of the operation.

These hoppers also function as an interface between the filling lines and the LGV shuttles, calling them on the base of the filling level, both of the hopper and each individual station.

This project represents an high-level realization of integrated automation, for which we thank L’Oreal SAIPO industriale and their entire staff.