L’Oréal – Settimo Torinese – Linea KC

For the Italian site of L’Oréal group, Fava Artemio e C. has manufactured a conveying, unscrambling and orienting system to handle PET containers Elvive 90ml, Dessange 200 and Dessange 250ml (with asymmetrical section) at 7,800 ÷ 8,000 bph.
The containers are delivered to the packaging line in big bags by means of automatic vehicles; a discharging station with two vibrating posts for automatic big bag emptying receives the bottles and transfers them to the unscrambler through a modular elevator and the following reversible conveyor, that can also serve to empty the system, as well as to feed the unscrambler.
The unscrambler, model 1600 E, handles the containers depositing them in closed pucks.
The empty pucks coming from the line are inserted into the unscrambler’s carousel via a wormscrew, which is divided into two parts with independent brushless motorizations and releases the puck under the falling chute only if the unscrambled bottle is present inside it; in this way, there will only be full pucks at unscrambler’s outfeed.
Even for the asymmetric-sectioned bottle Dessange 250ml, a two-cavity closed symmetrical puck has been specifically studied by Fava Artemio e C., for the purpose of receiving the bottle in both possible positions, thus preventing the need to use further devices for insertion into the pucks and prior rotation.
Downstream the unscrambler, an orientator model OL EL with spacing belts and brushless driven rotating pincer orients the asymmetrical containers rotating them by 180° when needed; since the pincer “works” on the puck it can be used for all the formats needing orientation without replacing any part.
A special thank you goes once more to L’Oréal’s managers and staff for their trust.