MIL MIL 76 – Landiona (NO)

During the year 2010 two important supplies have been installed for the company Mil Mil 76, which have been active for over 30 years in the making of cosmetic and personal care products. The first supply is composed of a special unscrambler for jars from 0.5l up to 1l and 2l containers of different shapes. The peculiarity is the fact that in the same machine two different unscrambling systems coexist, one of Venturi type for jars (with wide mouth and height almost equal to diameter) and the other of traditional type for the containers with more usual shape, with height significantly bigger than diameter. The second supply is a conveyors system for the automatic feeding of four packaging lines starting from the blowing area, with possibility of backup through the forwarding of empty bottles to a palletizing system. The collection of containers from the blow moulders and the possible transfer to the palletizing system is done through vacuum slat-band conveyors; the forwarding of containers to filling lines, where our unscramblers were already placed, is carried out by belt conveyors. The new supplies add to other applications previously installed from the Fava company in the Landiona factory along many years of continuous cooperation.