MONARI FEDERZONI Modena – Glaze with balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P. line

Founded in 1912, Monari Federzoni is the oldest Italian company making balsamic vinegar, which obtained the first license ever to bottle in Italy.
Thanks to 74 hectares of vineyards, Monari Federzoni grows the grapes for the finest products and performs the entire production process, from growing the vines to harvesting the grapes and to making the cooked must in open vats: this is one of the most exquisite and distinctive ingredients of vinegar.

Five bottling lines, with different speeds and automation levels, meet every consumption needs and create a range of 175 references including the glazes with balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P.

For the glaze packing line, Fava has manufactured an unscrambling system composed of an elevator with hopper, an unscramble model 1260 and the relevant table top conveyor for the connection to the filler.

The machine handles seven different bottle’s sizes (cylindrical and shaped – PET and PE) with a speed of 5.800bph.

The manner of execution of the machine have been chosen according to specific customer requirements and are appropriate to meet the rigorous needs of this application where, given the exclusivity of the product, also the aesthetic appearance of the containers is of fundamental importance.

This project confirms the characteristics of Fava’s products: flexibility, cleanliness, high quality and ‘gentle handling of the bottles’.

We thanks Mrs. Sabrina Federzoni and all the staff for their trust and cooperation.