Moroni Amato S.r.l.: detergent lines

Moroni is an historical Italian company operating since 1955 in the market of detergent. During the years the company has achieved a prestigious position in the market of Central and Southern Italy.
In order to modernize its plant in Fiano Romano, Moroni has commissioned to Fava a bulk conveyor system, two ‘Venturi’ pneumatic conveyors and two unscrambling and orienting systems for empty bottles.
The bulk conveyor system collects 5l bottles from the blow moulding machine and delivers them to a dispenser at the beginning of the filling line.
The two ‘Venturi’ pneumatic conveyors collect the bottles from two different blow moulding machines and transfer them to the hopper of the new unscramblers which feed the filling line. Each pipe is about 50 meters long.
The two unscrambler and orienting systems, composed of an unscrambler 1600 E and an orientator OL PN EL installed in block with the unscrambler, handle 1,5l and 2l shaped bottles at a speed of 4.500 bph. The ‘monoblock’ configuration allows the reduction of the dimensions and the costs of the line.
The installation of these additional equipment has increased the presence of Fava’s machines inside Moroni’s factory, taking proudly part in the growth of the company itself.