The company Kazan Oil, part of the Russian colossus Nefis, has increased its production capacity with a new plant composed of 7 lines for the manufacture of ketchup/mayonnaise. The 7 Fava unscramblers, all model R 2800 E, handle bottles and jars of different volumes and shapes. All the systems are made up of a part of in bulk conveying and storage in silos upstream of unscramblers and vacuum slat conveyors delivering bottles to the fillers with possible passage through neck-trimmers; 2 of the lines also include linear orientators model OL PN EL. Thanks to the new cyclopean plant’s production capacity the Russian group establishes itself as one of the biggest ketchup manufacturers over the world. Once more the particular suitability of Fava unscramblers for food applications like ketchup and sauces is confirmed.