Oleificio Zucchi – Cremona – Italy

The cooperation with the bicentennial Oleificio Zucchi, begun in 2007, has lead along the years to the complete renovation of the bottles’ storage and conveying systems between the blowing and filling departments.
To the previous supplies an articulate system was recently added, made up of a side grip elevator and slat band conveyors with a branch dedicated to accumulation, for the direct connection of several blowing machines to as many packaging lines. The system moves empty PET 2L, 3L and 5L bottles and it was successfully achieved thanks to the planning in collaboration with Oleificio Zucchi’s technical team.
The already existing electrical panel board has been upgraded to enable the system’s remote management and the data exchange of Industry 4.0. The system’s installation was split up into several steps to comply with the customer’s needs.
Fava Artemio e C., proud of taking once more part in the updating carried out by Oleificio Zucchi, international player in the edible oil sector and always careful to their product’s quality and the environmental impact, is grateful to management and staff for their trust.