The belt conveyor is designed to move in bulk containers before the unscrambler in a suitable quantity for the output requested by the line: for this purpose different belt widths are available, to be chosen according to the required hourly output and the bottles sizes to be handled.


Operating Principle

The bottles are conveyed in bulk on the belt, which runs inside lateral containment edges. The sides are shaped in such a way as to combine both the functional aspect and the structural one. Indeed, their shape prevents the containers from getting stuck along the way and it confers the structure an excellent rigidity, guaranteeing a regular working and a longer duration of all the parts in motion. Moreover, the structure solidity allows to use few supports on the ground and to easily install wall or column brackets. The sides are made of stainless steel sheet, laser cut folded and shaped in modules of different sizes, so that the composition of a conveyor of whatever length can be carried out through the assembly of industrially finished pre-worked parts, achieving an excellent and homogeneous aesthetic result.

Thanks to this solution carriage and fitting up are easier and faster as well, even with conveyors of remarkable length which can be installed on the production site using preassembled parts. In case the conveyor works in a sloped position, the belt can be provided with vulcanized rubber flights of different heights, according to the bottles sizes to be handled and the incline angle. Depending on the need or request, instead of the rubber belt it can be used a modular chain that allows to cope with particular applications, for example changes of incline, curves and flights of a specific shape.