For containers from 0.25 L to 1 L



For containers from 0.25 L to 1 L

The machine is designed for the unscrambling and orientation, by 180°, of asymmetric empty plastic containers loaded in bulk into the feed hopper.
The containers exit the machine in vertical position, standing on their bases and in the required position and succession (all in the same direction, alternate, etc.), arranged on a slat conveyor that shall be provided with a vacuum suction unit, in consideration of the applications and speeds this system is usually employed for. This happens automatically according to a preset program.

Hourly output table with dedicated format

Electric power 4.7 kW
Air consumption at 6 bar 430÷640 L/min
Weight 1230 kg


Operating Principle

The upper part of the machine consists of a feed hopper receiving the containers from an integrated elevator which measures out their quantity using photoelectric sensors. The hopper bottom is composed of a cone whereon the containers glide towards peripheral selectors which are mounted on a rotating carousel supported and driven by the main gearmotor unit. Once containers are inside selectors they fall upright into vertical channels which set them gently down onto an outfeed slat band conveyor made of acetalic resin; this is also driven by an inverter drive that, enabling an accurate synchronization of outfeed speeds, prevents problems during extraction phase. In order to feed the line smoothly and continuously, the unscrambler can run at a basic speed (corresponding to the nominal output) and at a “slowdown” speed, that can be set by the operator panel: the change from one speed to the other takes place automatically and it is controlled by photocells checking the accumulation state on downstream conveyors.
The unscrambler functionality is highlighted by its changeover system, which is extremely fast, obtained by applying inserts on the selectors or on the vertical channels: these operations are easy and quick thanks to the fast-locking devices employed.

When the containers to be handled are very different in size from one another it is possible to increase the number of channels (more channels for smaller sizes), considerably raising the hourly output to match filler requests. On the other hand, it will always be possible to handle a bigger container than the “maximum initial size” by using a dedicated equipment composed of less channels to match the consequent lower hourly output requested by the filler. As the bottles exit the unscrambler they directly enter the integrated orienting group, already spaced out by the pace determined by the unscrambler itself. A reading station recognizes the containers to be orientated: the ones correctly positioned continue their run along the conveyor whereas the others are orientated by a pincer, pneumatically driven, that rotates the containers by 180° on their vertical axis, placing them in the required position. This system assures a high hourly output and a regular and reliable working because the containers movement on the conveyor is never stopped; moreover, since it eliminates any accumulation need, it also allows to reduce the overall dimensions of the line, with advantages of price and line efficiency.

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