SACI Industrie: detergent lines

Founded in 1925, SACI Industrie is a leader in the market of liquid detergents and a major player in the private label sector.
The company has commissioned to Fava two unscrambling and orienting systems for its plant in Ponte S.Giovanni (Perugia)
Both systems include an unscrambler model 2300E, a linear orientator OL EL with a camera reading station and the relevant vacuum table top conveyors. The two machines are assembled together in monoblock. This solution allows a reduction of the cost, a reduction of the system dimensions and, at the same time, it increases the efficiency of the line.
The first line handles 3l and 4l HDPE shaped bottles at a speed of 4.400bph. The second line handles 1l trigger bottles at a speed of 5.500bph.
Both lines have been delivered at the end of 2016.