SER Wax Industry – Santena (TO) – Italy

The long-standing collaboration with SER Wax Industry, European leading wax producer, has taken to the supply of an unscrambling system for six different PVC containers for wax. The unscrambler, model 1600 E, handles the four smallest containers at 8,800 bph whereas the two biggest ones reach 3,500 bph.
The supply is complete with: a hopper for containers reception placed downstairs compared with the floor where the whole line is installed so as to load the bottles directly from the reception zone without having to move them into the packaging area; an elevator transferring them to the upper storey and deliverying them to an elevated reversible belt conveyor with the function of unscrambler feeding and line emptying; and finally an outfeed vacuum slat band conveyor. We thank managers and coworkers for their trust along the years.