Serioplast – Henkel Slovakia

Serioplast plant of Levice (Slovak Republic) counts among its customers the Henkel Group, to which provides bottles of 65 and 130ml for hair dye.

All the bottles, produced by more blowers, are tested before delivery to the customer and this test is carried out on a single high-speed line (24.000bph).

For this purpose, the company Fava has provided an unscrambler 2300 E for the feeding of the leak testing machine and, given the instability of the containers, the technical choice has been directed toward the realization of an unscrambler in monobloc with the leak tester (Flow System), in synchronization with electrical axis and with bottles transferring by worm screw.

This solution, in addition to solving any problem of bottles instability at the base, allows to reduce to the least the system dimension.

Before the leak tester, immediately after the ejection device of perforated containers, is installed a system for loading and distribution of the bottles into the boxes, intended for sale. The system is composed by three counting stations which alternate in such a way as to allow the operator to remove the full box and replace it with the empty one.

Furthermore, along the conveyors, dimensional type controls are performed on the bottles with the use of cameras.