SERIOPLAST in-house Unilever
Nyirbator (Hungary)

Among the most big and prestigious plants manufactured along the year 2008 the one made for Serioplast Hungary in the Unilever factory of Nyírbátor is particularly worth mentioning. After a long cooperation with Serioplast-Italy Fava has been assigned the execution of the conveying and storing plant for empty containers in the new part of Unilever’s building. The supply is composed of 8 Venturi pneumatic conveyors systems, 8 silos, 7 lines of belt conveyors for the distribution of containers from each silo to each of the 7 filling lines and one line consecrated to the emptying out. There are also hoppers for the independent loading of bottles coming from outside to every single line and a “joker” hopper for the inside replenishing of containers to any line. The works have been arranged so as to fit up the new bottles conveying system without stops to production which, on the contrary, was stepped up during the work in progress and has achieved, at the end, a double capacity than before.