Serioplast Turkey: Konya

In its new facilities in Konya (Turkey), Serioplast produces empty bottles for sale.
All the bottles (500ml, 750ml, 960ml, 1000ml and 1500ml) are sleevered before the delivery to the customers.
For the feeding of the sleever machine, Fava has provided an unscrambling and orienting system composed of an unscrambler model 2300E, a linear orientator model OL EL with a camera reading station and the relevant vacuum table top conveyors.
The two machines are installed together in monoblock. This solution allows the reduction of the cost and of the system dimensions. Moreover the accumulation of the bottles is done only on the conveyor before the sleever machine, making the system more efficient.
The output is 8.500bph.
Another line, identical to this one, will be delivered to Serioplast Turkey in June 2016.