Serioplast – Unilever Bilbao

For the in-house at the Spanish plant of Unilever (Leioa, Bilbao) at the end of 2012 Fava has realized and put into operation a system for storage and bulk distribution of PET bottles from 250ml to 750ml for ketchup, mayonnaise and various sauces.

The conveyors system connects the blowing area implanted by Serioplast with the existing filling lines, transferring the bottles along an overhead way that passes through a tunnel between two buildings, a warehouse and above the same packaging lines, until the initial part of the each one.

The main characteristics of this installation are the complete flexibility between blowing and filling lines and the particular storage system with dynamic buffer, that was studied together with Serioplast technicians and Unilever plant managers, which allows the functioning optimization without the need of large volumes of intermediate storage.
Similarly, together with Serioplast and Unilever personnel, we looked after the structural integration of the system within Unilever building, where more than 500m of conveyors have been suspended to existing structures.