Shoreline Beverages
South Africa – Line 2

In order to modernize its systems Shoreline Beverages, a historic South African company that has been operating for over 50 years in the market of non-alcoholic beverage, has commissioned to Fava a new system of air conveyors for direct connection of an existing blow-moulding machine to its packing line.

The system is made by a conveyor of approx. 50m in length. Using a special automatic divider, it starts from an existing line used to convey the bottles to a palletizing system for empty bottles, and transfers them to the hopper of an unscrambler which directly feeds the filling machine.

The conveyor handles a range from 330ml to 2l bottles of the famous brand Coo-ee.

The main feature of the system is the automatic size changeover of the lateral bottle guides electrically operated by servo-motors that allows a continuous adjustment from a minimum of 60mm to a maximum of 115mm in diameter, being able to assume any intermediate position. The operation is controlled by the operator panel on which the operator can store and recall the correct position of the guides for each of the bottle size. In order to handle a new additional bottle size, the operator will only have to set and memorize the new position of the guide.