SI.STE.M. s.r.l. – Sant’Agata Bolognese (BO)

The company SI.STE.M., historic manufacturer of household care products Fava have been collaborating with for several years, was supplied with a monobloc unscrambling and orienting system to handle 625mL trigger bottles for a Chanteclair detergent. The machine, model MB 3306 D, is composed of an unscrambler with “two discharging points” and a six-head rotary orientator and it reaches a speed of 16,000bph. A series of vacuum slat band conveyors complete the supply, which is also equipped with Industry 4.0 key technologies and perfectly fits in the modern manufacturing plant of the company. The monobloc solution assures a high hourly output and a regular and reliable working moreover, since it eliminates any accumulation need, it also allows to reduce the overall dimensions of the line, with advantages of price and line efficiency.