SOLEKO Pontecorvo:
Care solution for contact lens line

Soleko is a company specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing of contact lenses, intraocular lenses and materials for the production of contact lenses.

Over the years, the development of Soleko has been consistent in terms of production area and products. Since 1984 the production range has been expanded with the production of solutions for contact lenses: Soleko is currently the only company in the world to use plant stem cells in its lenses and liquid solutions.

As part of a new project, which includes the expansion of its production plant, and in order to increase its productive capacity of the solution for contact lenses, Soleko has commissioned to Fava the manufacturing of a special unscrambling system for the handling, in cleanroom, of its 100ml and 300ml bottles at a speed of 5.000bph.

The system is composed of an unscrambler model 1100, specially manufactured to allow the installation inside the cleanroom, a geometrically dedicated elevator and a table top conveyor for the connection to the filler.

The special design, with extensive use of stainless steel and special materials, is needed to meet the rigorous protocols of this project.