Varvello G. & C. “L’Aceto Reale” S.r.l. – Vinegar glaze line

In 1921 Giovanni Varvello founded the ‘Stabilimento Italiano l’Aceto’. He was the first in Turin developing the idea of producing vinegar on an industrial scale. His intuition was a success and the company, in a short time, became one of the larger vinegar producer in Italy.
The Varvello Family, who still manages the company, has continued to invest over the years. In order to complete the automation of its vinegar glaze line, the company has purchased an unscrambling system from Fava.
The system, which includes an unscrambler model 1260 C, is extremely compact and easy to install. In fact the unscrambler is assembled together to the elevator and conveyor on the same base at Fava’s workshop. This allows to compact the size of the system and to reduce the assembly time at the customer’s factory.
Fava thanks the Varvello family for their trust and cooperation.