WIMM BILL DANN – Russia – Drinkable yogurt line

Wimm Bill Dann is one of the Europe’s largest dairy products companies. It has 30 production sites in 16 cities and a portfolio of over 1.000 different types of yogurt and dairy drinks, and 150 types of fruit juices and fruit drinks.
In 2013 WBD has commissioned to Fava Artemio & C. an unscrambling system for feeding one of its drinkable yogurt filling line.
The system, composed of an unscrambler model 3350 D and vacuum table top conveyors, is designed to handle 275ml bottle at a speed of 22.000bph
Together with this supply, WBD has also commissioned a conveying system, composed of several vacuum table top conveyors for a total length of about 20 meters, which has been installed on an existing line in order to modify the original layout.